Launch your campaign site or blog with the features you need: forms, donations, calendar, emailing, streaming, etc.

Mobile application

You control your own online media and mobilize your base during and outside of election periods.

Synchronized and turnkey

Your application and website are synchronized and delivered turnkey. You can concentrate entirely on your political action!

News feed

Publish your political program and comment on current events to make your positions clearly known, far from the controversy of the media. Establish a body of work that will serve you throughout your career.


Give your activists a voice on your own social network where the community can react to your posts and suggest initiatives.


Moderate your community from your dashboard by validating or deleting posts and comments in a few clicks.

Live streaming

Broadcast live events you wish to share (meetings, statements, city council)


Take advantage of our responsive and secure infrastructure.


Alert your activists via instant notification on the most urgent actions.

Zero code

Manage your mobile application and website without knowing programming.


Put existing web developments such as survey forms online by integrating them into your application.

Data management

The data belongs to you: Content, usage patterns, user geo-location, emails, phone numbers (sms)


Accept donations to fund your work!



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